12-1/2 Inch Nylon Dual-Head Hammer – Wooden Handle (ToolUSA: PH-43615)

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Product Description

This dual-headed nylon hammer is lightweight, but incredibly strong and durable. You will use this hammer where a more delicate touch is needed. You will never scratch those precious metals, or cause sparks when you strike the metal. The 11 inch handle is made of smooth finished hardwood. This will soon be your favorite workbench hammer. * This Hammer Has A Dual White Nylon Head- Each End Has A Striking Surface Of 1 1/2 Inches * The Overall Length Of The Hammer Is 12 1/2 Inches, And The Head Measures 3-1/2 Inches Across * This Is A Very Lightweight Hammer That Is Easy To Control During Use – Weighs Only 6.7 Ounces * This Is The Idea Hammer For The Jeweler’s Bench – The Nylon Head Will Never Scratch The Metal * Perfect For Sizing And Shaping Around A Mandrel (not Included) For Rings Or Bangles


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