13 Large Deadblow 1-1/2 Pound Hammer Head In Black Rubber

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Size:1.5-lb This deadblow rubber hammer is an excellent tool for working with concrete blocks to align them in a row. You can tap on them without chipping them. It’s also great for carpentry. You can tap boards into place without damage. This mallet also has applications in working with metal. No scratching or sparking. The head is 4 inches across, and the striking surface is 1 inch. The double head gives you twice the tool for your money. * This heavy duty black rubber mallet weighs only 1 pound 8 ounces * The total length, including mallet head is 11 1/2 ounces-great for the tool belt * The head of the mallet measures 4 inches across-this is a well balanced tool * Each end has a striking surface of 1 inch in diameter-you can use either side * Durable and strong with an ergonomic handle-rubber will absorb shock BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal


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