8.5′ Brass Head Hammer With 1/2′ Dome And Flat Striking Surfaces

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This Little Hammer Will Do A Very Big Job For You! Small And Lightweight, With A Rounded Head And A Flat Surface Head To Help You Tap That Metal Into Shape In No Time. A Solid Brass Head, And A Solid Wood Handle Make This Hammer The One You Will Reach For Time After Time. * This Hammer Is 8-1/2 Inches Long, And Weighs 3.1 Ounces * It is equipped with a solid brass head- gentle on precious metals- wont spark * Smooth, Easy And Comfortable To Hold Wooden Handle-Good Solid Grip * Rounded And Flat Heads For Shaping and Flattening Metal Pieces * Each Of The Heads is 1/2 Inch In Diameter-Ideal For The Jewler’s Bench BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal


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