Ames Welded Tine 10-Tine Ensilage Fork, 30-inch D-Grip Handle

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Product Description

Welded tines deliver a lower weight and a value price! Welded tine construction provides a lower weight and price for this tool. Performs well for moving bulky material such as mulch, straw, hay, etc. Tempered steel, rounded tines, spaced 1.5 inches apart. 16-inch long x 15-inch wide head; 30-inch ash handle with poly D-grip. The tines are round but the very tips are not round-pointed like a sharpened pencil; they are flattened a little on the bottom. It may not be easy to get it completely round like that. Ship weight 5.4 lb. Fork is 16′ x 15′ 10 tines, spaced 1 and 1/2′ apart 30′ ash handle with poly D-Grip handle. Product is covered by a manufacturer five-year warranty.


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