BOSTITCH 51-855 20oz Steel Hammer Rip Claw

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Product Description

Product Description 2-Speed range for high speed drilling or high torque applications. Soft grip handle and two-finger trigger for increased comfort and greater control. This product is made of high quality material. From the Manufacturer The Bostitch One Piece Steel smooth face hammer features an oversized striking face which is 75 Percent larger when compared to traditional hammers (patent-pending). This oversize face improves striking accuracy. Its patented torsion control stabilizers reduce arm twisting fatigue; especially when compared to standard one-piece hammers. Moreover, its patented AntiVibe technology works to minimize vibration by acting as a tuning fork that dispels vibration more readily as the hammer strikes the work. This hammer is precision balanced to improve performance and maximize comfort. It is an ideal hammer for all applications including general contracting, framing, roofing, household repair and flooring. The new Bostitch One Piece Steel hammer features a dual tempered head rim and claw to help reduce steel chipping and cracking for added durability. Furthermore, it has a sharper claw for improved ripping capability as well as a slip-resistant textured handle for a more secure grip. A magnetic nail starter helps extend the user’s reach while facilitating one-handed nailing capability


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