CobraHead Long Handle (48′)

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Product Description

Size:48 INCH HANDLE The CobraHead® Long Handle is a tool used for gardening, horticulture, agriculture and landscaping. Its blade is a ‘steel fingernail®’ that makes the tool a super efficient weeding, cultivating, digging and planting device. It weeds, cultivates, scalps, de-thatches, edges, digs, and furrows with ease. The CobraHead® Long Handle allows many weeding tasks to be performed standing up. While most gardeners will find it useful, it is especially helpful for older gardener and those who have difficulty bending over or getting on their knees.The CobraHead Long Handle has three handle length options: 48′, 54′, and 60′. The 54′ handle is standard. Users 5’2′ and under may prefer the 48′ handle. Users taller than 6’2′ may prefer the 60′ handle.


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