Double Hammer with Brass and Nylon Heads

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Product Description

This is the ideal little jeweler’s hammer for all those tiny and delicate jobs, where a big hammer will just not do. One side has a brass head, and the other side has a nylon head. Each side has a 1/2 inch striking surface, and the total length of this hammer is 8.5 inch, including the lightweight, solid wood handle-These heads will mean no sparking-no scratching. * 8.5 inches long with 1/2 inch striking surfaces and 2 inch head length * Brass and nylon heads give variety to your work – both have individual strengths * Hardwood handle is durable for years of work while being very lightweight and easy to handle * Weighs only 1.7 Oz and can be transported easily – great for delicate work * Great for metal shaping, crafting, hobby, clay, wax, sheet metal, jewelry making and more!


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