Fiskars IsoCore 22 oz Milled-face Framing Hammer, 16 Inch

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Product Description

This rugged, powerful framing hammer allows you to get all of your framing done while helping to reduce muscle fatigue and joint pain. Premium steel is forged into a perfectly balanced design featuring a milled face that helps prevent mis-hits. Our patented, industry-leading IsoCore Shock Control System absorbs strike shock and vibration, reducing the punishment your body takes, and a dual-layer handle captures any lingering vibration. A magnetic nail starter helps you to start nails with one hand, a rip claw pulls nails quickly and easily, and a sound-dampening insert helps reduce high-frequency ringing. A performance handle design fits your hand securely and comfortably, whether you’re choking up for precision strikes or swinging with maximum force, and strategic texturing helps improve grip while reducing blisters. This design has been tested to exceed U.S. standards for striking tool durability to withstand the toughest work environments. Length: 15.5 inch. Weight: 20 oz.


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