Garland 11002 Solid Rawhide Mallet. 1-1/2′ Face Dia.

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Product Description

Since 1866, Garland Manufacturing has been supplying America with top-quality products made from the finest water buffalo rawhide. Today, they’re the leader in the manufacture of soft-faced mallets and hammers of unsurpassed quality. All Garland products are manufactured in the U.S.A. to ISO 9002 international quality standards. They combine superior craftmanship with the best materials and then field-test their products extensively on a range of surface finishes to meet the requirements of the industries in which they’re used. Industries ranging from foundries and electrical manufacturing to jewelry and woodworking. Their mallets and soft-faced hammers are preferred by both craftsmen and production workers. Garland’s all-rawhide mallets are made of tough, long-wearing, water buffalo rawhide. They’re ideal for use on broad-faced striking surfaces in a broad range of a pplications.


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