Halder 3008.030 Simplex 12 oz Soft-Face Hammer, Nylon Faces

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Product Description

The Halder Simplex Mallet is the signature hammer in the Halder line. This patented hammer has a ‘split housing’ design that is made from heavy duty cast iron. This split housing allows it to be take apart and the components can be replaced when worn or damaged. It solidly locks in the variety of replaceable insert faces. The faces are made of several different durable materials; from soft rubber to medium hard plastic to hard nylon. Halder also offers aluminum and copper faces for hitting very hard surfaces such as hardened steel (copper faces are only compatible with Halder Simplex with reinforced cast iron housing; call for details). The variety of face materials and sizes allow the Simplex to be used in many applications such as manufacturing, automotive, landscaping, furniture making, flooring, and machining just to name a few. The Simplex features the highest quality hickory handle which is protected by an extra-large overstrike area formed by the cast iron housing. This truly is a durable hammer and will be with you for many years!


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