Halder 3366.020 Supercraft 8 oz Dead Blow Hammer, Hickory Handle

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Product Description

The Halder Supercraft is the finest dead blow, non-rebounding hammer on the market. It features a steel housing containing steel shot to produce the non-rebounding action. This allows the user to hit materials very hard but use much less effort to do so thus making it easier on the arms, shoulders, back and joints. The Supercraft dead blow hammer features two replaceable hard nylon faces giving you double the hitting area. These faces are made from extruded nylon material and will not crack like molded, screw in face inserts. The thick durable inserts are tough enough to hit most surfaces, including brick, concrete, rock, steel, wood, and plastic making the Supercraft an excellent alternative to the traditional steel hammer. The nylon inserts also provide added safety when hitting metal as it will prevent flying shrapnel that can occur when hitting metal on metal as with a traditional steel hammer. It will also reduce the noise level dramatically. The Supercraft will still allow you to hit materials extremely hard without damaging the surface you are hitting making ideal for manufacturers, machinists, landscapers, woodworkers, and hobbyists.


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