Hawk PH550 Auto Emergency Hammer

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Product Description

Product description New Emergency Hammer. This life saving tool is a must have safety item for any car, truck or van! When a in a car accident immediate action is required for saving lives. This heavy duty pointed head hammer effortlessly shatters windows and its retractable knife easily cuts seat belts. Be always ready for a quick escape in case of an auto emergency with this hammer. Features: * Long ergonomic handle * With retractable knife * Chrome plated head * Reliable * Bright color easy to find Color: orange. Dimensions: 2.75′ L x 8.75′ H x 1.25′ D Sealed in original package. From the Manufacturer If you are involved in a traffic collision resulting in a turned over vehicle, or in accident involving a body of water, this hammer could saves the lives of everyone in your vehicle. The hammer is designed to break the windows, and the blade hidden in the handle can cut right through your safety belts. As unlikely as it may seem, these types of accidents do happen, and it’s always best to be prepared.


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