Mallet with Scratchless Impact, Sturdy-Two Heads-Non Slip Grip for Gunsmithing Leather Jewelry Wood

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Size:Large  |  Color:Steel What’s the #1 thing you look for when shopping for a Mallet? It must not scratch surface, be multi-purpose, sturdy, and great for all projects. Consider your search over!!! This mallet is perfect for all of your projects and more! THE GOOD (GOOD STUFF WE GUARANTEE): • Two-faced in a good way! Features rubber and plastic head. • Surfaces will not scratch on impact • Lightweight and easy to carry • Provides consistent results • Multipurpose use • Will produce no vibration and no bounce • Comfortable grip that provides precise control • Switch from one head to another with just a flip • Great for jewelry making and DIY projects • Weighs 1.6 lbs and measures 4 inches in width for the head • Built to last in all environments • Great for the assembly of furniture • High quality product for a low price • Lifetime Warranty! THE BAD (BAD STUFF WE LEAVE OUT): • NOT Tiny or small in diameter • NOT Made from cheap material • NO Scratching surfaces • NO Heads falling apart • NO Oversight of quality control • NO Handles breaking • NO Frustration guarantee • NOT A waste of money • NO Unbalanced handle • NO Rusting • NO Poor head and handle attachment • NOT For light use only • NO Lack of uses • NOT Overpriced • NO Second guesses when purchased HOW TO USE Select the mallet head best suited to your project of choice and hammer away! HOW TO GET STARTED To Protect your investment & end your mallet headaches today, click ADD TO CART now!


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