Multi-headed Hammer Aluminium : ( Pack of 1 Pc )(PH606H~PH-30731-D01)

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Ideal for shaping soft metals, this hammer has 6 nylon heads in different shapes, including: flat top, pointed, rounded and more. The handle is made of smooth hardwood, and is 8.5 inches long. The heads are all attached to a heavy duty steel top. 6 white heads on 1 hammer – like having 6 hammers in 1! – all attached on a heavy duty steel top 6 nylon heads include pointed, rounded, flat and more! – heads are up to 1/2 inches wide 9 inches long overall with an ergonomic and non-slip wooden handle Nylon is a great surface that is easy and will not marr metal and other hard surfaces Great for metal shaping, crafting, hobby, clay, wax, sheet metal, jewelry making and more!


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