OEMTOOLS 25261 Pickle Fork Kit, 5-Piece

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Product Description

Product Description The OEMTOOLS 5 Piece Pickle Fork Set separates ball joints, tie rods, and pittman arms for use with an air or hand hammer. The set includes: tie-rod spread with 11/16 in wesge opening, ball-joint separator with 15/16 in jaw opening, Pitman arm wedge with 1-1/8 in opening, 8 in handle for use with your regular hammer and handle with .401 in shank for use with your air-impact hammer. Both handles fit all 3 forks and piloted handles act as shock absorbers to protect handle threads. From the Manufacturer The OEMTOOLS Wrinkle Band Compressor is easy to use and adjusts only once for all pistons with the thumb screw.


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