Ouya H45104 27-oZ Wooden Handle 385mm Mounting Hammers

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Product Description

Size:27-oZ Ouya always offer best products to customers. For many people knows, the hammer is the tools which used for strike objects then make the objects out of shape, it most commonly used to struck the nail. The head and handle are decent quality, has a nice weight to it and seems to be very durable. This high quality hammer has a very durable and hand-friendly handle that prevents your precious hands from having aesthetic devaluing callouses, good feel and handling when swinging the hammer to framing nails. Solid head and attachment to handle. The handle is strong and has a solid feel. Good balance.It’s the standard typical hammer, but better quality. Works great for pulling nails, especially for small finish nails and for separating trim from walls without damaging wall or trim.About seller:Ouya provides the best tools for industrial companies, professionals, and consumers to make their life easier and successful. We offer high quality and professional products from pneumatic tools, power tools, to hand tools for those who demand the best in affordable price. Specially, Ouya offers custom design for your spray gun, drill, nailer, and so on. Ouya has become a trusted name in tools industry. Our goal has been simple: provide the best tools and solutions that make your life easier.


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