Perma Pouch Top Grain Leather 3-Pocket Nail / Screw Pouch

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Product Description

Extra Rugged 3 Pocket Design. Perma Pouch are the best Drywall Bags you can buy, made of smooth top-grain cowhide leather, lock-stitched, rivet reinforce, reversed pockets for easy access, and folded bottom for longevity. Top-Grain Leather – Thick leather that isn’t split, and wears longer. Folded Bottom – Nothing at the bottom of the pouch to rip, tear, or fall through. Folded bottom construction eliminates weak points like rivets, and lengthens the life of your pouch. Reinforced Pockets – Perma Pouch doesn’t just rely on stitches to keep your pouch together! Pocket rivets reinforce the construction of the bag, and keeps pockets firmly fastened with long periods of jobsite use. MADE IN CANADA


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