Pro-Grade 15624 24-Ounce Ball Pein Hammer with Fiberglass Handle

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High Brightness This CREE LED light is a high performance LED Light bulb that delivers 550 Lumens at a pleasing, warm 3000K color temp. It uses CREE latest chipset for ensuring great color rendering and high Brightness Flux output. Better Value This LED Spot Light allows for the replacement of high-output 60 watt incandescent in down-light configurations. It utilizes 3 x 2watts LEDs, this ensures more brightness and better value. This LED Light is FREE. How? here is How: typical incandescent 60W light bulb costs 5.00 dollars a month to operate, where it costs only 0.50 dollars with this light bulb so in about 1-3 months you pay for this LED bulb replacement and you then start to save 5 dollars a month on your electricity bill. per bulb. Just 10 LED replacement in your house or office saves you 50 dollars per month on your Electricity bill. (calculation based on 10 hours/day estimated cost of electric rate of 0.278 dollars/KWh US national average 0.1099 dollars/KWh with all taxes, fees & high tier added) Lasts Longer This LED Light also generates a lot less heat than the incandescent bulbs further reducing your air conditioning bill in summer and it lasts up to 50 times longer. almost life time no replacement needed. Other Advantages This LED lasts 10 times longer than CFL bulbs and 100 times incandescent bulbs Saves up to 90% of energy and saves money, Does not go yellowish in a couple of years, does not take annoying 2-3 minutes to reach full brightness(like CFL) on each ON/off cycle and is not Hazardous to you & environment due to UV radiation and use of mercury plus other hazardous materials. Replace all your bulbs you use most often with these LED bulbs ( keep the old bulbs as spare for other bulbs you use less often) and start saving big on your electricity bill now.


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