Rubber Headed Mallet 8 oz : ( Pack of 1 Pc )(PH900-F~PH900-F08-YH-D01)

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This Rubber Mallet Is The Ideal Tool For Shaping Metal Without Scratching It, Or Causing Sparks. You Will Find Many Uses For A Rubber Mallet Such As This One. Jewelers And Crafters Alike Love To Use A Rubber Mallet. This Mallet Is Also Excellent For Lining Up Wood Planks Without Scratching. This mallet is 11 inches long overall, with an 8 ounce rubber head This mallet head can be used from either side, and each has a 1-1/2 inch striking surface This mallet is equipped with a durable, heavy duty fiberglass handle Also features a rubber hand grip to prevent slipping as you work This mallet is excellent for use on metals, as it will not cause scratches or sparks


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