SE – Hammer – Chasing, Flat Head, 10in. Length, 4.75 Oz. – 8336CFH

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APT’s PH250 – The classic Chaser Hammer has an Old World European design that is still used today by Jewelers, Watchmakers & other Craftspeople. The Chaser Hammer has one large, flat, smooth face for striking chasing tools or polishing metal & have a Ball Peen end (round) for peening, texturing & riveting. Polished tool steel head mounted in a well balanced hardwood handle w/a comfortable, ergonomic postal grip is smooth to the touch. The hammers head is forged-tempered & high polished steel w/ 1′ (2.5cm) diameter flat face. The Chaser Hammer is commonly used by Jewelers, is perfect for light weight gold, gold filled, silver, copper & brass metal sheet or hardening or soft wire, texturing metal, jewelry making & metal smiting etc. Flat head is used to planishing, flatten, dent, mark, shape, bend metal & form objects or to strike chasing tools. The Ball Peen round end used for riveting or forming decorative, patterns & designs. Other uses are to work out dings, dents & imperfections in metal (Not for auto body repair). The hammer is perfect used with a steel bench block /anvil or staking tools. When used properly – the ergonomic design & weight of the head, rather than the muscles in your arm & hand, drives the downward motion of this tool. This is a more popular style with European Silversmiths & preferred by Jewelers worldwide. Other industries that use the Chasing Hammer are Watchmakers, Metal-Smith, Goldsmith, Blacksmiths, Silversmiths, Gunsmith’s bench, Craftsman, Planishing, Model Maker, Hobbyists, Metal & Renaissance Artists. NOTE: Do not use a single Chasing Hammer for both purposes, as chasing will mar the surface of your hammer & transfer onto your metal. Approximate Dimensions: Flat face: 1′ (2.5cm) diameter, Head: 2-1/4′ (5.5cm) length , Handle: 9-1/4′ (23.4cm) length, Head & handle overall length: 10′ (25cm), Weight: 6-1/4oz. Other Name: Ball Peen, Chaser, Chasing Hammer or Planishing Hammer


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