Stanley Proto JSF10H Hammer Tip 1 Hard

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Product Description

Product description SF10H Model Code: AB – Price is for 1 Each (part# SF10H) Hammer Tip This item features: -Fit standard hammers. -Tough and resilient. -Resistant to oil, gasoline, and common industrial chemicals. -Eliminates sting, vibration, and rebound. -Color coded identification. -Will not support combustion. Model Code  Model Description AAColor:Black, Dia.:1 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Hard ABColor:Black, Dia.:1 in, Hardness Grade:Hard ACColor:Black, Dia.:2 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Hard ADColor:Black, Dia.:2 in, Hardness Grade:Hard AEColor:Black, Dia.:3 in, Hardness Grade:Hard AFColor:Brown, Dia.:1 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Soft AGColor:Brown, Dia.:1 in, Hardness Grade:Soft AHColor:Brown, Dia.:2 in, Hardness Grade:Soft AIColor:Cream, Dia.:1 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Medium Hard AJColor:Cream, Dia.:1 in, Hardness Grade:Medium Hard AKColor:Cream, Dia.:2 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Medium Hard ALColor:Cream, Dia.:2 in, Hardness Grade:Medium Hard AMColor:Cream, Dia.:3 in, Hardness Grade:Medium Hard ANColor:Green, Dia.:1 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Tough AOColor:Green, Dia.:1 in, Hardness Grade:Tough APColor:Green, Dia.:2 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Tough AQColor:Green, Dia.:2 in, Hardness Grade:Tough ARColor:Grey, Dia.:1 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Super Soft ASColor:Red, Dia.:1 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Medium ATColor:Red, Dia.:1 in, Hardness Grade:Medium AUColor:Red, Dia.:2 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Medium AVColor:Red, Dia.:2 in, Hardness Grade:Medium AWColor:Yellow, Dia.:1 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Extra Hard AXColor:Yellow, Dia.:1 in, Hardness Grade:Extra Hard AYColor:Yellow, Dia.:2 1/2 in, Hardness Grade:Extra Hard AZColor:Yellow, Dia.:2 in, Hardness Grade:Extra Hard From the Manufacturer The need for specialized hammers is strong today, which is why Proto makes a range of hammers designed for the industrial trades. This lineup includes ball pein and sledge hammers for general striking; soft face hammers with plastic tips that won’t mar finished surfaces; and rubber mallets for anywhere you need a softer blow, whether you need to coax tight-fitting parts together or pound out dents in sheet metal Every Proto hammer is engineered with safety in mind, and meets or exceeds industry standards for safety and reliability. For instance our ball pein hammers have hardened, drop-forged heads with rim-tempered faces that are less brittle and less likely to chip than the head on a typical claw hammer. All of Proto hammers have balanced heads, aswell as handles and grips that are ergonomically-designed and shaped to prevent slipping.


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