TEKTON 30903 Jacketed Fiberglass Brass Hammer, 16-Ounce

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Product Description

Size:16 oz. Made of solid brass, the double-faced head of the TEKTON 16 oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Brass Hammer delivers a sure strike to steel and iron parts without sparking or damage to the part. For automotive repairs, machine setup and tear down, and assembly applications, it safely drives pins, seats bushings, loosens stuck pieces, and positions parts. Soft and malleable, it won’t chip like a hardened hammer and by controlling rebound it puts more energy into the work piece and reduces the possibility of dangerous glancing blows. Virtually unbreakable, the high-strength, lightweight fiberglass handle core is wrapped with a tough, impact-absorbing poly jacket that prevents damage caused by missed strikes. The soft and comfortable rubber grip has an aggressive, anti-slip tread pattern that gives you sure control.


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