Thor – 406 Plastic Hammer 150G 19Mm Diameter

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Product Description

Size:19mm 150g Thor Nylon hammers have a choice of plastic grip or wooden handles with Chrome plated Zinc heads with Nylon faces, these are fitted as standard, available in 6 different weights.Alternative faces, colour coded to distinguish hardness are also available. The faces are designed to wear and are replaceable by hand. Available in 6 sizes each with different weights, Used, due to the easily interchangeable heads, as a multi purpose striking tool in most assembly applications including engineering, furniture, shopfitting, partitioning, double glazing, injection moulding dies etc. THO406 and THO408 are fitted with wooden handles while THO410, THO412, THO414 and THO416 have plastic handles.Weight 150g (5 1/2oz)Diameter 19mm (3/4 in).


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