ToolUSA 1/2-Inch Square Steel Head Hammer: PH-00265

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Product Description

This hammer is an excellent choice for use with your bench anvil. The dual square heads are each 1/2 inch, and the length of the head is 4 inches overall. The solid hardwood handle is 10-1/2 inches long, and goes all the way through the hammer head. This hammer has a solid steel head. * The total overall length of this hammer, including the head is 10-1/2 inches * Each end of the hammer head has a striking surface of 1/2 inch in square, flat shape * The total overall length of this hammer head is 4 inches, and the head is solid and strong * The steel head is the ideal choice for working with metal on your favorite bench anvil * Smooth sanded solid wood handle – well balanced for optimum ease in use BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal


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