ToolUSA 6-in-1 Steel Head Texturing Hammer In 6 Different Patterns: PH-43348

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Style:Steel – Small This hammer is perfect for making texture patterns in sheet metal, and other soft materials, such as clay or wax. The patterns help you to create a truly unique and magnificent piece. Everyone will wonder how you did it. Textures included: spots, lines, crossed lines, wide lines, and continuous circles, as in a target. The head is made of sturdy steel. Overall weight of hammer is a sturdy but compact .75 lbs. You will have power and precision with your swings. You will have hours of creative fun with hammer. * 6 steel heads on one hammer – like having 6 hammers in 1! * 9 inch long, smooth hardwood handle is designed to be ergonomic and non-slip * 10 inches long overall – metal hammer heads create textures easily * 6 different designs : Dots, crisscrossing, circles, lines, diamond, and squares * Great for metal shaping, crafting, hobby, clay, wax, sheet metal, jewelry making and more!


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