ToolUSA Premium Multi-sided Texturing Hammer With 4′ Steel Bench Block: KIT-PHTJ4A

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Size:4 Inch This set is equipped with a multi-sided hammer and a bench block tool. The hammer is the ideal tool for striking soft metals (including brass, silver, copper) and bench block provides a solid steel surface The handle of the hammer has a curved design for a more slip proof grip. This hammer is crafted to give you years of dependable use. It’s forged head is wedge-mounted on a hardwood handle. The heads all measure .75 of an inch in diameter. Great for texturing jewelry and metal! Also great for artists – shaping your mixed media arts, sculptures, or any art needs. This hammer has six heads for six different patterns. The bench block is a sturdy 3.25 pounds for years of reliable work. * The Six Hammer Heads Measure .75 Of An Inch In Diameter – Perfect To Give Metals A Textured Look Great for use on soft metals, wax, clay, and other malleable surfaces-Great for jewelers / artists Textures included: dotted, straight lines, diamond weave, wide lines, and continuous circles 10.5′ hammer with smooth hardwood, ergonomically shaped handle for a great grip 4′ bench block made of chrome vanadium steel-use it to hammer away on for durable shock absorbency BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal


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