W. Rose RO3011-1 3/4 Tile Hammer, 1-3/4-Ounce

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Product Description

This tile hammer is shaped like a brick hammer to cleanly break tile, brick and stone. The 3/8-inch square face is ideal for small projects such as mosaics. The small face provides a strong, yet delicate work surface. The head designed based upon the needs of bricklayers and tile setters. The Hammer is made of steel that is accurately tempered for strength. The head is then secured to the 9-3/4-inch second growth hardwood handle. Proudly made in the USA. W. Rose has been an American manufacturer of quality masonry tools since 1798. As they have for over 200 years, W. Rose Tools endure the test of time. W. Rose is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kraft Tool Co.


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