WeedBlaster Pro WB006 Weed Sprayer with Handle

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Product Description

Weed sprayer is the safest, easiest way to spray weeds in the lawn, garden and all around your home. WeedBlaster’s protective shield protects nearby flowers, shrubs or vegetables from harmful herbicide overspray or wind drift, even on those windy days. Its easy push-to-spray action and comfortable stand tall design, WeedBlaster makes weed control faster and easier. Simply fill the one pint tank with your preferred herbicide mix for more than 100 applications. Place WeedBlaster Pro over the weed and press down on the handle once to deliver a perfectly measured spray every time. WeedBlaster Pro eliminates stressful bending to target weeds and helps conserve herbicide use with its time-saving, one and done spray action. It is lightweight and stands upright and ready when not in use. WeedBlaster Pro makes an easy job of spot weed control. It have 32-inch handle and 16-ounce reservoir. Sturdy, lightweight design weighs less than 2 pounds filled and can be carried easily around the yard and garden, stores upright.


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