Woodtek 146450, 3-pack , Hand Tools, Striking, 16oz Curved Claw Hammer With Smooth Face

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Product Description

Improved claw design makes removing nails faster. Woodtek® hammers are drop forged in one of the world’s highest quality hammer manufacturing facilities, using only the very best materials available – they could be the best hammers you’ve ever used: Claw notches are cut deeper, making them narrower at the mouth of the ‘V’. The benefit to you is that nails are gripped closer to the end of the claw, increasing leverage and making them up to 20% easier to remove. An inner bevel on the back of the claw grips smaller nails and brads more effectively without slipping. Well balanced, high carbon steel heads are hardened and tempered for long life, then finely polished for good looks. Heads have octagonal necks and smooth beveled faces. 16 oz. hammers feature the patent-pending ‘Black Hole’ in the apex of the notch of the claw. This special design decreases stress concentration, helping prevent cracks or dangerous broken claws when pulling larger nails. To top it off, the solid, comfortable Hickory handles have double steel wedges to keep the heads tight. Approximately 13′ OAL. One-year manufacturer’s warranty. Imported.


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