Woodworking -Woodcarving Straight Adze – Combined with Hammer / Axe + Claw Hammer

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WOODWORKING WOODCARVING STRAIGHT ADZE Made of high quality steel: AISI -4150 HRC 50-55 !!! The adze is used to hew posts and beams in traditional carpentry and today the adze is also used by sculptors, boatbuilders, and chairmakers. It combines adze which sometimes can be used as axe and claw hammer. The whole in the center is for pulling nails. This ADZE is a must when you are in the forest and looking to prepare camping fire. Very useful and well balanced. Universal tool. The adze head have conic shape of the eye. The handle is from beech tree and it is made at lathe. It have conic shape also and fits perfectly to the adze eye. The handle is removable because of the easy sharpening of the adze blade as it should be! You will receive the adze removed out of the handle and you should mount it tight. It is a ‘slip fit’ type of handle. The unnecessary part of the handle should be cuted appr half inch from the adze.


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